Gettin' wet

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Yesterday morning dad brought out some pipe sections and a little pitcher pump he picked up at the hardware store.

After digging down a bit with a post hole digger, we attached the sandpoint to the end of the pipe and started beating it into the ground with a sledge.

As you can see from the video, we also utilized the loader bucket on the tractor to press the pipe down into the ground. The pipe moved pretty smoothly for the most part, but occasionally needed a few whacks with the sledge.

Using the tractor bucket to press the pipe into the ground

We only had to go down about 8’ to reach water since we’re so close to the river, but we figured we should probably go a bit deeper just to increase the overall safety and cleanliness of the water.

Initial pumping resulted in some very muddy water

Today we continued work on the pump area by building a small frame around the pump which we’ll fill with gravel to avoid making a big muddy mess.

Pump area frame

Now we have a nice dedicated space around the pump that we can use in the future to maybe put a table with a basin, or maybe move my cattle watering trough down there so I can have an ice-cold soak.