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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Work continues on the crow’s nest this week. The short run of steps from the initial landing platform up to the crow’s nest platform was an interesting challenge. It’s fun to look at from the underside since it’s all suspended from the 3 4x4s in the corners.

Underside of steps leading up to crow's nest platform

After all the cedar decking was screwed down, dad ran a circular saw along the outside to make a nice clean edge. We got a little creative with 2x4s so we could have a reasonable railing. The crow’s nest platform is about 26’ feet (~8 meters) above ground.

Completed platform looking sharp

The landing platform is triangular and somewhat small, so we did some interesting angles to provide sufficient structural support. It’s a little odd since the railing hangs out over the platform by a few inches, but it’s better than banging your melon on a railing as you reach the top of the crow’s nest ladder.

Creative railing supports

It sure feels like it’s a long way down.

A view looking downward from the crow's nest

I think it’s time we consider the crow’s nest to be done! We’ve been rolling a few ideas around regarding adding a bench or something, but I think the little corner table should be a good enough start for now.