Thursday, September 14, 2023

Over the past couple weeks we’ve been working on building a small outhouse adjacent to the treehouse, bringing the treehouse one step closer to be a medium/long-term living space.

First we needed a hole

Using the post hole digger on the auger worked nicely to get a good hole started with minimal effort. After the auger hole we had to do some additional digging by hand with a shovel, but we ended up with a decent pit about 3 feet deep.

Foundation planks

After the initial hole was dug, we placed a couple treated 6x6 posts on their side to serve as the base of the outhouse.

Front frame

Using plywood and 2x4s we assembled wall sections. The overall construction approach to the outhouse has been pretty simple and straightforward, probably because it’s not up in a tree.

Holes for windows

Since dad picked up the three camper windows which we ended up not using in the treehouse itself, we figured it’d be nice to watch the storms roll in while you’re sitting in the outhouse.

Awaiting the door

Inside we built a frame for the seat and used the jigsaw to cut a hole in the middle.

Toilet seat

We’ll need to come back and probably anchor in some metal posts for flood season to minimize the possibility of the outhouse floating away if the river gets too high. Thankfully that’s not something we need to worry about in regards to the treehouse.

Next up, fire pit!