People have used the term "overkill"

Monday, June 5, 2023

Over the weekend we cut and framed the window opening for the northwest side and fully fastened the rough opening for the door. We’ve been on the lookout for a suitable external door to use for quite a few months, and they finally found one at ReStore that met most of our criteria (external door with a window), unfortunately it wasn’t left-hand open, but I think right-hand open will do just fine.

We were initially a bit concerned about how to safely lift the door without destroying anything. Dad had the idea to clamp the two ladders together side-by-side, then he roped up the bottom of the door and used some tie-down webbing to provide support for the top so it didn’t go flying end over end and smash either of us.

This door will never escape

After we got the door and window in place we cleared most everything out of the main cabin so I could run the shop vac and prepare for figuring out how we’re going to slice up the foam insulation panels.

But before we get to the floor, we should probably install the final window in the loft.

Door installed, wooooo