The final window!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The last window to install was the triple-wide for the loft space. This window is particularly long, and significantly heavy. We decided to remove the end windows from the frame to help minimize weight. Doing that made getting the window up to the loft fairly manageable with only two of us, but it did add an additional level of difficulty to the overall task since it meant having to re-attach the two windows to their crank mechanisms after the frame was installed.

Loft windows installed and open, as seen from the scaffolding

This window was a bit of a challenge to get positioned correctly to be attached to the structure, but we managed. Getting the screws through the frame and into the rough opening was a real challenge because the placement of the windows made it pretty much impossible to get a screw gun in there. I ended up using a screwdriver for a majority of it and then we used the extension on the screw gun and kinda drove it in at a slight angle.

A view from inside the loft, looking through the newly installed triple-windows

I can already imagine sleeping out here one some night, just watching the stars, feeling the gentle swaying of the treehouse in the breeze as it gradually escalates into a mega-derecho, sucking my body from the treehouse and lobbing my flailing body into the nearby river.

Ran out of flashing tape at just the right time

Amusingly, the roll of flashing tape ran out with just enough tape to finish this last window. Couldn’t have planned that any better.

Lunch special at Desperado’s was beef quesadillas today. I’m not sure about thin sliced processed steak and cheddar in a quesadilla but we ate 'em.