Wrappin' and windowin'

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

We’ve been making good progress the past few days, so much progress that I haven’t been left with much energy at the end of the day to write project updates, so this post will cover progress from the past few days.

Two windows installed, view from the inside

We got the lower front window installed without much fuss, same process as mentioned in the last post. There was a little extra vertical space in this window hole so we shimmed the bottom up a little extra with a 1x4". Got it all sealed and taped up, 2 more windows to go!

Front window installed, view from outside

Crow's nest support beams

Then we began work on attaching 4x4 beams to the back corners. These will be used to support a small crow’s nest above the roof. Access to the crow’s nest will likely be a little challenging, but it’ll be nice to have access up there especially for installing a directional Wi-Fi antenna or something like that.

2x4s above the tar paper to support the corrugated sheet roof

We also made some headway on the upper roof supports. These will support the corrugated roofing panels, and between the beams we plan to slot-in sections of insulation foam.