It's window time

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Good progress made today on putting in the southeast window. We cut the hole out yesterday and sawzall’d out the overlapping studs.

Window header made from 2x6"s and a slice of plywood

Since we’re removing studs which provide some amount of structural support, we assembled a window header from 2 2x6s and a slice of plywood between to match the width of the studs so they’re flush.

Window flashing tape

After applying a layer of house wrap to the outside surface we applied some window flashing tape to the sill to help provide a better seal and to protect against moisture.

Window in place

After inserting the window and shimming it into place, we screwed it in to keep it secure and then applied weather seal tape around the border to keep out rain.

The first window is installed! Now for the next 3.