Now we're putting holes back in it

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

We’ve resumed treehouse construction as of yesterday!

Clean floorboards

Yesterday we pulled some floor boards out of the barn and I gave them a quick blast with the power washer. We also put a bit of effort into shoring up the shims on the hyperbolts to ensure the deck weight is actually getting distributed reasonably evenly across the wooden beams. There were a few days with very gusty wind and that caused the treehouse to shift a bit.

Simple scaffolding

Today we put up some simple scaffolding up on the outside deck to facilitate installation of the triple-wide window into the loft area. We’re about 18-feet off the ground, it feels pretty high.

An undesirable shortcut

Loft flooring

Dad cut up sections of floor and handed them up to me where I placed them on the loft rafters. The wood is very nice, it’s unfortunate we didn’t have enough of the pretty antique 2x4s for all the rafters, but I think it looks really nice regardless.

Wind hole

After checking and re-checking our measurements a few times, dad used the circular saw to slice a big window sized hole into the loft (taking up nearly the entire southwest loft wall). We then removed the studs.

Next is to figure out how we’re going to lift a 200lb triple-window ~20 feet up and put it in there without dropping or breaking it. Hopefully it can be partially disassembled.