Monday, February 6, 2023

Today dad cut up the last few interior nailers for the inside walls and I put those in. We also cut out a triangle piece of plywood to go above the doorway, so now everything is walled in with plywood.

Huge triple-wide window

I found this nice big triple window thing at the used home construction place for $127. Dad thinks we can fit it into the wall in the loft which will be pretty cool since that will turn a majority of the loft area into windows.

After finishing the nailers and triangle plywood we mostly focused on brainstorming our next steps.

Dad measures the loft wall and considers methods for fitting the giant window

Dad puts a good bit of consideration towards the design of the roof overhang in regards to the direct sunlight / shade during the seasons. He also thinks we should make a small crow’s nest above the roof which would be accessible from the outside deck, I think that’s a really cool idea that we should definitely pursue, it would also be a nice place to eventually affix a directional wifi antenna. We can just keep building upwards, we’re not even half way up the trees yet.

This will likely be the last day we do any work on the treehouse for a few weeks since I’ll be out of town, so it seemed sensible to seal everything up until I get back to keep the raccoons and hobos out. Dad said he will probably experiment with his previous ideas for adding support straps to the steel hyperbolts.

Temporarily sealed up the doorway until I return

Desperado’s lunch special was cheesy chicken and bacon ranch soup with a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich but we didn’t get there until 12:30 so they were down to one serving of soup but dad went for it (he said it was good). I got a chicken sandwich with bacon and provolone with a side of fries.