Phase 2: Complete

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Today we finished putting plywood on all the external walls with the small downward-facing triangle above the front door and the front door itself.

A view from the interior with all the exterior plywood up

The next steps are to find suitable windows and a door. I imagine this will involve repeated visits to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore which has a revolving selection of scavenged house components.

But before we start adding additional heavy components such as windows and doors, we may want to revisit the hyperbolt supports. So far, they appear to be holding up really well, no clear flexing or anything.

Dad's sketch of an idea for supplemental hyperbolt supports

Above is a sketch dad came up with for attaching additional support straps to the steel bars. It would transfer some of the torque from the main beams back into the wooden structure of the deck itself, which should be quite strong.

We’ll be doing some experimentation in the coming weeks, but overall progress will probably pause since I’ll be out of town for a bit.

Desperado’s lunch special was philly cheese nachos, so we opted for cheeseburgers.