Can't think of a good loft pun today

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Rafters above the loft

We finished up the loft’s east side (aside from a few nailer studs) yesterday and got started on the remaining section of the north loft wall. The nailer studs are very fiddly since they require notching sections out so they match up with the rafters correctly. Dad is getting the hang of slicing up pretty quickly considering we’ve needed over half a dozen of them so far.

Thanks to one rafter being off by 1.25", I managed to get all the rafters askew, so after unscrewing and screwing them back in at least three times, we managed to get them lined back up properly.

A view from inside the loft

The low end of the roof is about 30-feet (~9 m) off the ground, so crawling around up there feels a little bit precarious.

The section over the door is a bit weird, but we'll figure it out

Soon we’ll need to figure out how we’re going to handle the 45-degree section above the front door.

My toes and fingers were freezing all day yesterday, and tonight after I got back inside I started feeling an illness taking over me.

Yesterday during the warm up we were visited by this guy enjoying the improved weather.