Sourcing more materials

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Old 2x4 and plywood construction shed

The old shed behind the farmhouse was originally built by the guys that built the nursing home across the field. After construction was finished they moved it out here and it served as a hangout cabin for my dad when he lived here. Dad had been considering tearing it down and had a realization that the dimensions of the shed would probably be close to what we are aiming for in regards to the treehouse cabin.

Deconstruction of the old shed

Inside the shed walls

Most of the 2x4s in the shed are in very good shape. Not only are they closer to being 2" by 4", but they’re probably twice as heavy as our new pine 2x4s and definitely much harder. Plus they’re really nice looking.

We will probably be taking a break for a short while after this since weather will likely get too cold to work in.