Where have I been? Playing with mud...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I haven’t been producing many wallpapers during the past year or two, at least not at regular bi-monthly intervals like I was there for a while. The reason for this is likely due to being too busy with work and things, but since that’s slowed down lately I’ve had a bit more time for creative endeavors.

Joking around with a friend of mine, I mumbled/crossed my words as usual and blurted out something that sounded like “creeple”, some combination of “creepy” and “people” which ended up sounding more like creepy people.

This was the beginning of Project Creeple.

Conceptual sketch for #1

Based on a simple conceptual sketch, I grabbed some polymer clay I had in the back room. Unfortunately, I pretty much hate working with polymer clay because it’s like silly putty and just stretches all over the place. Trying to put any sort of detail into it is exercise in patience but I managed to create something relatively decent from it.

First model, made with polymer clay

Oh, yeah, then I airbrushed him.

Mister Creeples being Airbrushed from Mark Riedesel on Vimeo.

Check back for more, there’s much much more on the way.