Insulating myself from the world

Friday, December 8, 2023

Since we have all the electrical wiring installed (but not really tested, since I don’t have light fixtures yet), we’re ready to put up insulation.


It took most of the day to get the fiberglass rolled insulation cut and stapled into all the walls. The area above the door was also a special challenge since it kinda interfaces with the loft floor, that area is slightly confusing.


Lots of rolling around on my belly getting all the staples to tack the insulation up. Definitely wore a mask today, don’t need to be inhaling any glass insulation dust.


Thankfully most of our studs were spaced properly so we didn’t have to do too many weird cuts with the insulation.


We got all the insulation done today so we put one of the laminated pine panels up as a little preview for what the whole interior will eventually look like.

Excellent progress for today. Next workday will be focused on paneling the rest of the interior. I keeps looking better and better!