Loft ladder

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Up until this point we’ve been using a regular old aluminum/fiberglass ladder inside the treehouse to reach the loft. I figured we could make one that would fit with the rest of the interior.

2x6 with a slot cut out of a section of one side

We started with a 2x6, first using a hole saw to cut the two circular areas at each end of the inset. Then dad used the circular saw to connect the two circles, creating an inset which will let the ladder user’s fingers pass freely up the handrails.

Dad using the speedy square with adept precision

After lots of repeated measurements, we marked off interval lines which we’ll cut away to serve as slots to fit the 2x4 rungs.

Two sides of the ladder, one showing slices and the other with cleaned out slots

Unfortunately we don’t have a router so we made do with series of circular saw slices through the area I intend to chip away. Once the slices were made I was able to go in with the oscillating tool and a chisel and pop all the little bits out.

Fully assembled, looking nice

If it were possible to take more photos during the actual assembly, I would have, but it was not. Getting all the rungs in there and screwing them in was a bit of a juggle but we managed it. Used a little wood glue as well.

Beauty ladder

I wiped the whole thing down with a bit of boiled linseed oil and it looks very nice and shiny now.

Ladder inside the treehouse

Looks great!