Awnings everywhere

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Beautiful raspberry pancake

Yesterday morning I made myself a really tasty buttermilk pancake with fresh black raspberries I picked behind the machine shed. I’ve really been sharpening my pancake skills the past couple weeks.

Yesterday we attached a 2x6 with a strip of flashing above for where the awning will attach and slide under. We had to unscrew the bottom trim from the loft window to slide the flashing under but that was no real trouble to do.

The frame for the awning

We joined a couple 2x4s together with a slight offset so they’d attach nicely to the deck as well as the support beam for the awning. We also put a bit more barn board siding on as well.

Assembled awning attached with roofing panels

Glad to have finished the entire south awning in one day!

Loft siding on the west side with flashing for the small awning

Today we started on the west side, doing roughly the same thing as yesterday except this side’s awning will be significantly narrower.

Small awning over the west window

My GoPro seems to have a slight scuff on the lens, so I apologize for the blinding sun glow.