It may sound strange, but every now and then I swing on over to Google and run a few searches for some of my wallpapers, particularly "See Hear Speak" and "Trampoline Tux" since people tend to upload those to various websites on a regular bases. I don't mind that people upload them as long as they include the proper CC license, but I stumbled across an article at The Register last night, which is certainly something new...

Screenshot of the article of the defacement

Apparently, www.daily.co.uk was attacked by "hackers". As a result, a number of customers had their websites replaced with images of See Hear Speak Tux.

I was of course not involved in thee incident, I feel slightly bad that my little Tuxes were used for evil, but in the same sense I am mildly amused by all of it. You can read the full article at The Register.